14 Simple ideas to help you write your book

The easiest way to get ideas for your first book

How do you get ideas about your first book?

During this writer's webinar Alan will share at least 14 ideas you can write your book about;

You will hear the simple ways to get the ideas (without doing a massive research);

Ideas for writing short stories, writing novellas, ideas for writing biographies, writing philosophy, writing for the self help market, ideas for sci fi writing, how to get ideas for journal writing and more.

You will feel inspired and full of ideas to start writing your first book.


Tamara Forrest Smith

Your Instructor

Alan Forrest Smith
Alan Forrest Smith

Alan Forrest Smith.

Is a writer, author, deep thinker that has his roots in philosophy. His life has been varied. Once a hairdresser for over 20-years, a fundamentalist and fully minister for 21-years and now author and writer. A writer of short stories, poetry, philosophy (Zoomanity) and his 10-year old blog packed with writings and thoughts.

Alan Forrest Smith is an ex-hairdresser, turned into a copywriter, consultant and direct marketer, turned into an international speaker and teacher, turned into a writer and a published author. Originally from Scotland, today Alan lives between Manchester and Tbilisi, The republic of Georgia with his wife Tamuna.

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  14 ideas to write your book
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