How to manifest a profitable 2019 in your business and life

How can you predict your business future and profits? How can you manifest the life you desire in 2019? The only way is to create one today.

Join Alan Forrest Smith on Monday 7PM, November 19th, 2018.
You will discover:
  • How to create a perfect 2019 outcome for your business
  • How to use the power of deliberate recreation to create a perfect harmony and results for all your team members
  • Why some of the big brands struggled and why some closed down in 2018 and how to avoid making the similar mistakes
  • Why some of the big household names are moving away from the online advertising and increasing investments in the traditional direct marketing and why you must be serious about it in order to secure a bigger profits in 2019
  • How to set the vision for yourself and the entire team for the 2019 and how to make sure everyone is hitting their individual targets
  • Why taking no risk in 2019 will become riskier than taking the risk.

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In summer 2018 Alan has delivered a talk to a group of CEOs and Senior managers at the leading multinational company where he helped the individual team members refocus their energy and mind to manifesting a perfect 2019. Now you get an opportunity to listen to some of the ideas that will inspire you to create a business and life outcomes that you truly for 2019.

The talk will be live-streamed here, please enroll below.

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  How to create a successful 2019
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Alan Forrest Smith
Alan Forrest Smith

Alan Forrest Smith.

Is a writer, author, deep thinker that has his roots in philosophy. His life has been varied. Once a hairdresser for over 20-years, a fundamentalist and fully minister for 21-years and now author and writer. A writer of short stories, poetry, philosophy (Zoomanity) and his 10-year old blog packed with writings and thoughts.

Alan Forrest Smith is an ex-hairdresser, turned into a copywriter, consultant and direct marketer, turned into an international speaker and teacher, turned into a writer and a published author. Originally from Scotland, today Alan lives between Manchester and Tbilisi, The republic of Georgia with his second wife Tamuna.

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